U of T Faculty and Librarians: Success!

On October 27th, 2021 the University of Toronto announced that it would sell all direct holdings of fossil fuel stock within a year, divest from co-mingled funds no later than 2030, and allocate 10 percent of the endowment portfolio to sustainable and low-carbon investments by 2025 — an initial commitment of $400 million.

This outcome was brought about by strong support across the university community, with librarians and faculty playing a very important role.

The materials on this site will be kept online as a reference for those trying to understand the U of T campaign, both for its own sake and in support of ongoing campus fossil fuel divestment efforts at other universities.

In sequence, the Toronto350.org / UofT350.org campaign first opened a divestment brief for endorsement by members of the U of T community in September 2013. After the president empowered an ad hoc committee to consider the question, we submitted an updated brief in April 2015. In December 2015, the committee chosen by the president came out in favour of divestment. We crafted a community response to those recommendations. In March 2016 the administration responded to the recommendations by rejecting divestment in favour of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) screening. That led to the transition in leadership of the student campaign at U of T to the Leap Manifesto chapter, and later the Divestment & Beyond coalition with a strong faculty and union presence.

215Marcin PęskiProfessor, Dept. of Economics
214Felan ParkerAssistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Book & Media Studies, St. Michael's College
213Nicole KlenkAssistant Professor, Physical and Environmental Science and Political Science
212Jennifer HarrisAssociate Professor, Study of Religion
211Stephen ScharperAssociate Professor, School of the Environment
210Patricia McKeeAssociate Professor Emeritus, Dept of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
209Sarah FinkelsteinAssociate Professor, Department of Earth Sciences
208Helen RoddProfessor, Dept. of Ecology and Evol. Biology
207Debra Cameron (Mosnyk)Assistant Professor, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
206Jane ForbesInstructor, CTL, OISE
205Ashley Waggoner DentonLecturer, Department of Psychology
203Courtney JungProfessor, Political Science
202Angelica FennerAssociate Professor, German & Cinema Studies
201Rebecca KingstonProfessor, Political Science
200Dr. Faisal MoolaAdjunct Professor, Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto
199Rhona AndersonActing Director of Clinical Education, Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
198Barry TrenthamAssistant Professor, Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
197Lena MortensenAssistant Professor, Anthropology (UTSC)
196Dina GeorgisAssociate Professor, Women and Gender Studies Institute
195Sara HughesAssistant Professor, Political Science
194Sherida RyanLecturer, Adult Education and Community Development
193Naisargi DaveAssociate Professor, Anthropology
192Lisa FormanAssistant professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health
191Bhavani RamanAssociate Professor, Department of History
190Susannah BunceAssistant Professor, Geography and Planning
189Marcelo VietaAssistant Professor, Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, OISE
188Bonnie BurstowAssoc prof LHAE OISE
187Walter WodchisAssociate Professor, Institute of Health Policy Management and Evaluation
186Jamie MagnussonProfessor, Dept Leadership, Higher, and Adult Education
185Nestor E. RodriguezAssociate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
184Stephen MorrisProfessor, Dept. of Physics
183Karen IngAssociate Professor, Teaching Stream, School of the Environment
182Hilary CunninghamAssociate Professor, Anthropology
181Michael EkersAssistant Professor, Human Geography
180Jane LiuAssistant Professor, Geography and Planning
179Steven FarberAssistant Professor, Human Geography, UTSC
178Deborah CowenAssociate Professor, Department of Geography and Planning
177Wendy WongAssociate Professor, Political Science
176Paul DemersProfessor (status), Dalla Lana School of Public Health
175Jörg BollmannAssociate Professor, Department of Earth Sciences
174Karen MorrisonSessional Lecturer, School of the Environment
173Kate NevilleAssistant Professor, Department of Political Science and School of the Environment
172Solomon BenatarAdjunct Professor DLSPH
171David FismanProfessor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health
170Cornelia BainesProfessor Emerita, Dalla Lana School of Public Health
169Beth SavanRetired Senior Lecturer, School of Environment
168Jeff NewmanLibrarian, New College
167Ali Abdel-KhaligSenior Lecturer, Near and Middle Eastern Studies
166M Cristina CuervoAssociate Professor, Linguistics
165Leslie Stewart RoseSenior Lecturer, OISE
164Krista MaxwellAssistant Professor, Anthropology
163Harriet Sonne de TorrensAcademic Librarian, UTM Library and Dept. of Visual Studies, UTM
162Tania LiProfessor and Canada Research Chair, Department of Anthropology
161Francis CodyAssociate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Asian Institute
160Nhung TranAssociate Professor and Canada Research Chair
159Agi LukacsSr. Lecturer, Transitional Year Programme (retired)
158Michael O'ConnorSenior Lecturer, St Michael's College
157Karen WishartReference Librarian, Emmanuel College Library, Victoria University
156Sarah WakefieldAssociate Professor, Department of Geography and Program in Planning
155Victor OstapchukAssociate Professor, Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
154Miguel TorrensLibrarian, University of Toronto Libraries
153Kevin ColemanAssistant Professor of History
152Farshid BaghaiLecturer, Department of Philosophy UTM
151Charles DyerProfessor, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Physics
150Lori StahlbrandLecturer, New College
149Sandy M SmithProfessor, Faculty of Forestry
148David ConklinAdjunct Faculty
147Miriam DiamondProfessor, Department of Earth Sciences
146Ulrich TepassProfessor, Cell and Systems Biology
145Dorothea GodtAssociate Professor, Department of Cell and Systems Biology
144Brian WalshAdjunct Professor of Theology, Trinity and Wycliffe Colleges
143Denise ReaumeProfessor, Faculty of Law
142Emily GilbertAssociate Professor, Canadian Studies and Geography
141David SiderDistance Education Instructor and Sessional Lecturer, School of the Environment
140Kailey StewartSessional lecturer, Departmen of Geography and Planning
139Bonnie FoxProfessor, Sociology Department
138Ulrich WortmannAssoc. Prof. Earth Sciences
137Olga Puglieseprofessor emeritus, Victoria College & Italian Studies
136Tenley ConwayAssociate Professor, Geography
135Sonja NikkilaLecturer, English Literature UTSC
134Stefan RenckensAssistant Professor, Political Science
133Andrew WestollLecturer, Creative Writing, Department of English
132Kajri JainAssociate Professor, Visual Studies/Art History
131Steven BushSenior Lecturer (retired), The Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
130Douglas Macdonald Senior Lecturer, School of the Environment
129Michael LambekProfessor, Anthropology
128Mary Jane AshleyProfessor Emerita, Dalla Lana School of Public Health
127June LarkinEquity Studies, New College
126Susan SimLecturer, Faculty of Information
125Blake RichardsAssistant Professor, Biological Sciences UTSC
124Benjamin GilbertAssistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
123Nicholas C. CollinsAssoc. Prof. of Biology, UT Mississauga
122Caroline FuscoAssociate Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education
121Alan AckermanProfessor, Department of English
120Leesa WheelahanAssociate Professor, Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, OISE
119Simon DarnellAssistant Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education
118Rachael CayleySenior Lecturer, School of Graduate Studies
117Josée JohnstonAssociate Professor, Sociology
116S. Ryan IsaksonAssistant Professor of International Development Studies and Geography
115Suzanne CadaretteAssociate Professor, Pharmacy
114Andrea MostProfessor, Department of English
113Jay MalcolmProfessor, Forestry
112Paul CohenAssociate Professor of History
111Barbara FischerSenior Lecturer, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design
110Jack MillerProfessor, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
109Amanda PeetAssociate Professor, Physics
108Mark SoloveyAssistant Professor, IHPST
107Sallie Lyonsinstructor: movement for the actor, centre for drama, theatre and performance studies
106William LoganProfessor, Paediatrics
105Edward BarbeauProfessor Emeritus, Mathematics
104Alana BolandAssociate Professor, Geography
103Patrick KeiltyAssistant Professor, Faculty of Information
102Alissa NorthAssociate Professor and Director, Master of Landscape Architecture Program
101Eleanor CookProfessor Emerita, Dept. of English
100Colleen ShantzAssociate Professor, cross-appointed to the Department for the Study of Religion
99Christopher HoneyAssistant Professor, Department of Psychology
98Christopher MatznerAssistant professor, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics
97Alison SymeAssociate Professor, Visual Studies
96Jan AngusAssociate Professor, Nursing
95Igor LehnherrAssistant Professor, Geography-UTM
94Ken DerryLecturer, Historical Studies
93Steve EasterbrookProfessor, Department of Computer Science
92Lisa JeffreyProfessor, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, UTSC
91Dennis O'HaraAssociate Professor, Faculty of Theology, University of St. Michael's College
90Joseph WhitneyProfessor Emeritus, Department of Geography and Planning
89Margaret ProcterSenior Lecturer and University of Toronto Coordinator, Writing Support (retired)
88Christoph RichterLecturer, Biology (UTM)
87Katie Kilroy-MaracAssistant Professor of Anthropology
86Jumi ShinAssociate Professor, Chemistry
85David BrennanAssociate Professor, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work
84Natalie RothmanAssociate Professor, Department of Historical and Cultural Studies/Graduate Department of History
83Reid LocklinAssociate Professor, SMC
82Lucy GanLibrarian, Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library
81Gustavo IndartSenior Lecturer - Economics
80Andrea WilliamsLecturer, Faculty of Arts & Science
79David HlynskySenior Lecturer Arts, Media Culture, UTSC
78Stephen RockelAssociate Professor, Historical and Cultural Studies (UTSC)
77Henry RegierProfessor emeritus, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, School of the Environment
76Matthew FarishAssociate Professor, Geography
75Peter AbramsProfessor Emeritus, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
74David JenkinsUniversity professor, dept nutr Sci, faculty of medicine
73meyer brownstoneProf. Emeritus, Political Science
72Dan DoldermanSenior Lecturer; Dept. of Psychology
71Ju Hui Judy HanAssistant Professor, Geography
70Peter KotanenAssociate Professor, Biology (UTM)
69Harriet FriedmannMunk School of Global Affairs
68Pascal TyrrellAssistant Professor, Medical Imaging
66Naomi MorgensternAssociate Professor, Department of English
65Jayeeta SharmaAssociate Professor; Historical and Cultural Studies; Graduate Departments, History, Religion, Asian Institute, Diaspora and Transnational Studies
64Nicholas SammondAssociate Professor, Cinema Studies Institute
63Marten van KerkwijkProfessor, Astronomy & Astrophysics
62Jack Quarterprofessor, Leadership, Higher and Adult Education
61Robert LewisProfessor, Geography
60Blair KuntzLibrarian, Materials Processing, Robarts Library
59Theo HofmannProfessor Emeritus Department of Biochemistry Faculty of Medicine
58Mark CheethamProfessor, History of Art
57Arsalan KahnemuyipourAssistant Professor of Linguistics, Language Studies, UTM
56Corinne DenoyelleAssociate Professor, French
55Lawrin Armstrong
54William MageeAssociate Professor, Sociology
53Paul ReadAssoc. Prof. Faculty of Music
52Irving RootmanProfessor, Public Health Sciences (retired)
51Theresa EnrightAssistant Professor, Political Science
50Michelle MurphyProfessor, History
49Robert IrishSenior Lecturer, Engineering Communication
48Stephanie NixonAssociate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
47Hanno ReinAssistant Professor, DPES
46Shahrzad Mojab
45Geoff MacDonaldAssociate Professor, Department of Psychology
44Isabelle CochelinAssociate Professor, Dept of History and Centre for Medieval Studies
43Barbara MurckSenior Lecturer, UTM Department of Geography and Programs in Environment
42D. Alissa TrotzAssociate Professor, Caribbean Studies/ Women and Gender Studies
41Gerold Schmitt-UlmsLaboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
40John KloppenborgProfessor, Dept for the Study of Religion
39Denis WalshProfessor (Canada Research Chair) Philosophy and IHPST
38Fiona MillerAssociate Professor, Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation
37Nikolai KrementsovProfessor IHPST
36John NoyesProfessor, Germanic Languages and Literatures
35Denise Gastaldoassociate professor, faculty of nursing
34Melanie NewtonAssociate Professor of History
33John ValleauProfessor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry
32Donald C ColeProfessor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health
31Anne-Emanuelle BirnProfessor, Critical Development Studies, UTSC & Dalla Lana School of Public Health
30Victor LiAssociate Professor, Department of English
29Valentina napolitanoassociate professor, anthropology
28Linda KohnProfessor, UTM Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cell and Systems Biology
27Judith TaylorAssociate Professor, Sociology & Women and Gender Studies Institute
26ernie lightmanprofessor emeritus, fac of social work
25Bernd BaldusProfessor emeritus
24Rinaldo WalcottAssociate Professir, WGSI and SJE OISE
23David LivingstoneProfessor Emeritus, Department of Social Justice, OISE
22Andrew ClementProfessor, Faculty of Information
21Richard RomanAssociate Professor Emeritus, Sociology Department
20Paul DownesAssoc. Prof. Dept. Of English
19Germaine WarkentinProfessor Emeritus of English
18Alejandro PazAssistant Professor, Anthropology
17Rebecca ComayProfessor, Philosophy
16Jason Hackworth Professor, Geography
15Mary NyquistProfessor, English and Comparative Literature
14Rosa SarabiaProfessor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
13Andre SorensenFull Professor, Chair of the Department of Human Geography, UTSC
12David RobertsLecturer, Urban Studies Department
11Kenneth MacDonaldAssoc. Professor, Geography
10Susan RuddickProfessor, Geography
9Dylan ClarkDirector of Contemporary Asian Studies program
8Paul HamelProfessor, Faculty of Medicine
7Danny HarveyProfessor, Department of Geography and School of the Environment
6Andrea OliveAssistant Professor, Political Science and Geography
5Margrit EichlerProfessor Emerita, OISE/UT
4Chandler DavisProfessor (Emeritus), Department of Mathematics
3Peter RussellUniversity Professor Emeritus
2Frank CunninghamEmeritus Professor of Philosophy and Political Science
1Scott PrudhamProfessor, Department of Geography and School of the Environment